This ministry seeks to help and support members wherever they may find themselves along God’s path. Should you need a meal after getting home from the hospital, then Meals for Members is happy to provide. If you’re excited about your birthday, then don’t be surprised when a member calls to celebrate with you by wishing you a ‘Happy Birthday.’ We are a family of faith that cares for each other by sharing the love of Christ. Some of the other faithful work in this area includes:


Various members of the church enjoy visiting our homebound members and sharing with them the latest news of St. John. They will also bring a Sunday bulletin and a CD of the worship service, if you are interested. Visits are typically once a month. This is in addition to pastoral visits at Christmas and Easter, where Pastor Kevin brings communion.

Prayer Chain

When there is a death in the community or a crisis, the hotline lights up. People call the designated person on the list to communicate the news and to offer prayers. If you would like to be on the prayer chain list, please call Cindy in the church office. Two methods are available to receive this information. You may be added to the telephone list or you may be added to the electronic notification (email) list.

We Care Committee 

These ladies of the congregation serve luncheons after a funeral or memorial service. Please speak with the Pastor should you have more questions.